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Broadband Internet Problems on Jura

The For Argyll Website reports today about the problems with broadband connections on Jura. A quote from the article:

Argyll’s Isle of Jura has had no broadband connection for almost a week. The fault is proving difficult to trace and BT’s so-called Customer Services have pronounced that the problem lies with individual homes and is not a matter for their engineers. Surely the fact that all the houses are experiencing simultaneous down-connections indicates that the fault is a general one. It defies logic that every household on the island would suddenly experience a different individual fault at the same time.

The preparedness to see an entire and remote island without its lifeline broadband connection is typical of the company. For Argyll has expressed concerns on many occasions that neither governments nor people in the UK have updated their historical perception of BT as a nationalised company. This leaves it with an unearned commercial advantage, in pole position for public contracts that might well be better served by rival companies and as the ‘authority’ in nationwide service development which is far from nationwide.

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