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Buies of Jura and Norse Ancestry

Alasdair Macdonald from Currie Midlothian, sent me some interesting stuff about genealogy research. Alasdair runs the Scottish DNA Project on behalf of the University of Strathclyde and he is also co-admin of the project which is focusing on the Norse Viking group. They are always looking for new recruits to their projects which are hosted by Family Tree DNA the world leader in genetic genealogy. New research into the ancestral origins of some though probably not all of the Buies from Jura, has shown that they have Norse Viking ancestry. They also have kinship with the MacNeils of Barra and a group of MacDonalds from the Northern Highlands. New results have come in that show that some of the Carmichaels from the Isle of Lismore also match the Buies from Jura. Now I myself am not into genealogy at all but I’d like to help out anyone who does. Below is more information I received from Alasdair and links to projects where some Buies participants can be found:

Both the Scottish DNA Project and the L165 (also known as S68) project are keen to recruit new participants especially those who know their ancestors came from the Inner Hebrides. Some of the Buies from Jura are now confirmed as carrying a marker indicative of Norse Viking ancestry. S68 is mentioned in Alastair Moffat and Dr James F Wilson’s new book, The Scots: A Genetic Journey. Anyone interested in finding out about how Y-DNA can help with their family history can contact Alasdair at

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  1. Mother: Welch, French, Native American Indian

    Father: Scottish, French

  2. Please forgive me if I’m being a nuisance. My husband’s family we think, migrated from the Midlands of Ireland to Northern Ireland to Jura Island over a period of years. His ancestor, Daniel Angus Malloy was born on Jura Isle and migrated to North Carolina before 1782 – his first son was born in North Carolina that year.

    We visited Jura a few years ago staying at the hotel. Alex took us to the Service Center but unfortunately they had no records of any Malloys. I understand the records were destroyed in a fire. Alex took us to Curran Beach. He said the migrants left from that beach.

    I would very much like to find at least general knowledge of our ancestor arriving in the US. Did the ships go directly from Jura to the US or perhaps did they first go to a larger port in Europe before heading across the ocean?

    Please tell me about the DNA project; my husband Richard is willing to participate.

  3. My 6th ggfather, Archibald Buie, was born on Jura a March 1705 and died in Barbeque Creek, Cumberland County, North Carolina in May 17, 1781. I have done Ancestry DNA and uploaded to GedMatch. Is there a group I can join to further the research into the Buies from Jura?

    1. My grandfather Alexander Craigshead Buie was from Red Springs, NC. The Archibald Buie you mention is my 5th GG. I am also on

    2. My grandfather, Duncan Buie, Sr., was born in Forest Hill, LA (his brother is Malcolm…all the Duncan’s & Malcolm’s is mind-blowing!). Archibald is my 7/8th GG. The genetic aspect is fascinating! I’d love to know more about it.

  4. My husband and I both did our DNA through two years ago. We both show that we are partially from Jura. My husband is a Campbell and my surname includes Buie. My son was also tested and it shows Jura. How would we be able to contribute to any DNA research? Thank you for your time.

  5. Hello, my 5th great-grandfather was Angus Maloy. He was born in 1760 in Jura, Argyll, Scotland, his father, JOHN, was 34 and his mother, MARY, was 38. He had three children with Mary Greene and one other child. He died in 1840 in Montgomery, Alabama, having lived a long life of 80 years.

    It appears that he had children born in Robeson, North Carolina, so I believe he and his family emigrated directly there from Scotland.

    My 3rd great grandmother, Sarah Ann Maloy, was born in January 1826 in North Carolina, her father, Daniel, was 40, and her mother, Isabella, was 31. She married William G E Palmer on April 5, 1845, in Decatur, Georgia. They had six children in 14 years. She died as a young mother on April 10, 1859, in Grady, Georgia, at the age of 33, and was buried in Cairo, Georgia.

    I used’s DNA test and my results will connect us IF you use their test and IF we share any DNA. 😉

  6. My dad is 91yrs old and his name is earl haywood buie….his father was arnie buie……my n ame is julie ann buie….nice to meet you…..thank you for the info….