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Jura Community Store Opening at Easter

I have never seen so many builders at work in the centre of Craighouse as we did this week. The reason for all this is that the old Jura Stores building is undergoing a huge renovation. The only things that were left standing were the outside walls. All this is part of the community buyout of the only shop on the island, which took place last year. The Antlers, the café across the road, has been temporarily designated as post office and community store for the time being. Another good addition to the village centre is a new parking place next to the village hall. The planning is that the renovated Community Store will open around Easter. Below are some impressions of the renovation works and the temporary shop.


The new entrance of the Jura Community Store


Work at the back of the building


The temporary Community Store


Builders and new parking place left from Village Hall


Entrance to the new parking place

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