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Jura Travel Report from “Down Under”

Craighouse and Small Isles Bay JuraA writer from the Sydney Morning Herald, Saska Graville, visited the Isle of Jura and was a guest in Jura Lodge. Today the writer published his article online and it’s an interesting account of his trip. From what I read the writer is very fascinated about the island and the fact that there is only one pub, one distillery, one road, one village and one Jura Lodge but thousands of deer. A quote from the article called Scotch on the Rocks:

“There is also, of course (and probably most importantly) one whisky distillery, producing Jura’s creamy Highland-style malt whisky. Opened in 1810, Jura Distillery produces 54,000 litres of whisky a week and operates 24 hours a day, every day. But for those more interested in stylish getaways than malt tastings, it’s the five-bedroom lodge attached to the distillery that is of significance. Also dating from 1810, the building was originally apartments for local workers, but in late 2006 was transformed into a boutique holiday rental that rivals some of the world’s most exclusive hideaways. Arriving at the lodge is like stumbling into a private home that has been decorated by someone well-versed in the rules of shabby chic. Battered leather sofas, dark wood floors, woven rugs and wall-mounted deer antlers are all styling devices straight from the pages of the glossiest interiors magazines.”

“Two days on Jura and a quick distillery tour and I can see how easy it is to become a whisky bore. Tasting the different varieties produced on the island, including the locals’ 16-year-old single malt favourite and the heavier Superstition blend, I’m a fan. From the three Paps – the towering peaks that dominate the centre of the island – to the often inaccessible caves of the West Coast and the more welcoming shoreline of the East, it’s a breath-catchingly beautiful place.”

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