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Panorama Picture Craighouse and Small Isles Bay

Craighouse and Small Isles Bay Panorama

I took this panorama picture on the 5th of May 2008. The weather was absolutely glorious and already it felt like summer. This panorama image stretches all the way from the Jura Hotel, the Distillery, Jura Stores, Craighouse and Small Isles Bay back to the front of the Jura Hotel. You can see some distortion here and there but don’t forget this picture was created using thirteen images! It’s almost 360 Degr portrayed in one flat image! If you click on the image you get the “big picture”. Enjoy!

Later today I decided to create another panorama picture and included only 7 images from the Small Isles Bay and combined them into a new panorama. Please enjoy the results below!

Small Isles Bay Isle of Jura Panorama

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