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Red Deer Rut on Jura

We’ve made a tour over the island yesterday, all the way up to “Road End” where I parked the car and walked further on for a few miles until the weather deteriorated. Despite the few and sometimes heavy showers we had a marvellous tour. The Red Deer Rut is in full swing and this is the time that the Stags round up a group of females (hinds) for mating. Rivals have to be chased off and the stag will announce his superiority over his rivals by constantly bellowing out an echoing roar which can be heard all over the island.

Jura has a Red Deer population of over 5,000 animals which makes it quite easy to hear and watch them as well, most of the times without binoculars. I brought a 400mm lens for the occasion and managed to get a lot of clear shots of the stags and hinds. A few of the pictures are posted below, the others will follow soon, I hope you like them.

Red Deer Stag Roaring
A Stag and his Hinds
A Group of Hinds with Calves
Another Stag on Jura
Close up of a Roaring Stag

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  1. Fantastic! Wish I could be there to see it too.