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Views of Small Isles Bay Jura

Every time we visit jura, and that’s a lot of times in the last ten years, we visit the beach at the airstrip where we enjoy the views of the Small Isles Bay and enjoy the peace and quiet on this part of the island. You can reach this tranquill beach when you turn right at the three arches bridge outside Craighouse and turn right again after a few hundred metres. Usually the beach is all yours and with the right weather conditions you feel like you’ve arrived in paradise, as you can see from the pictures below.

The Paps seen from the airstrip

Small Isles Bay Isle of Jura

A wee boat on the beach of the Small Isles Bay

The Paps of Jura

Lobster Creel near the beach

Sand Structures Small Isles Bay Jura

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  1. your photos are absolutely beautiful. how wonderful for you that you were able to enjoy such perfect weather!

  2. Thanks very much Amy.

    We often visit Jura when we are on Islay and we usually wait for good weather to come over. It’s such a great place to visit.

  3. While driving up Jura’s east coast north of Craighouse my eyes were suddenly drawn to a building down to my right. The whole roof was flashing like fluorescent in a bright purple.
    Can anyone explain this.