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New Crofts on Jura

The Scotsman reported today that six new crofts are to be created on Jura to help with the revival of the island. A croft is a small agricultural landholding and are most often found in the Highlands and Islands area but also in other places in Scotland. A quote from the article in the Scotsman: “The Crofters Commission has approved plans by Ardfin Estate to build the crofts near the main island village Craighouse. Drew Ratter, the commission chairman, said: “This is just what the island needs to build on its regeneration. “These will be the first new crofts to be created on the island under the Crofting Reform Act and it’s heartening to see such a positive outcome with six crofts extending to 2.7 hectares each being created to encourage young people to stay on the island.” William MacDonald, the estate factor, said the population had risen from 175 to over 200 in the past few years and Ardfin wanted to build on this. “We have already seen several of the older crofters, in Knockrome, give up parts of their croft to enable young people to have ground of their own,” he said.

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