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Ardfin Golf Course Jura

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An article was published in “today’s golfer”, a website about golf and everything related, about the new Ardfin Golf Course on the Ardfin Estate on Jura, the estate which was bought by Australian millionaire Greg Coffey in November 2010. Shortly after he bought the estate he closed down Jura House Garden which was a loss for the island and its visitors. Some time later plans were revealed for a top class golf course on Jura, not for everyone to use, but a private one. Quite an undertaking if you ask me and ever since they started I wondered what costs would be involved in such a big project. The answer came today, if it’s trustworthy, as the website I mentioned before wrote that the total costs for the Ardfin Golf Course has now hit £55 million. Like I said, I’m not sure if the source is very reliable as they write in the same article that you need four ferries to get to Jura from the Scottish Mainland. I don’t know how they came to that figure as we all know that two ferries will do just nicely, thanks! A quote from the article:

“If we had £450m in the bank, which of us wouldn’t add a putting green to the back garden? Maybe a short game area? Or even a cool par-3 hole? Former hedge fund manager Greg Coffey decided to take things one big step further, building his own 18-hole championship course, and it looks like an absolute belter. The course, designed by Coffey’s fellow Australian and Greg Norman’s right-hand man, Bob Harrison, will be finished next year and could set to become one of Scotland’s most spectacular golf courses.”

Whoever gets to play the Ardfin Golf Course on Jura, they will have stunning views as I don’t think there are many more golf courses in Scotland in such a dramatic and remote setting. Personally I can’t believe that Greg Coffey will keep the place to himself and I’m sure that the locals will be invited every now and then when they open next year. Mind you, I think golf enthusiasts would pay good money if they could play the renewed Machrie Golf Links on Islay, the Machrihanish Dunes in Kintyre and the Ardfin Golf Course on Jura in one or two days. A great challenge in one of Scotland’s most beautiful locations.

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  1. A developer who knows lots about costs, but very little about values – monetary or otherwise. The loss of access to the walled garden robs the island of one of its most attractive features for visitors. Hence, we have omitted Jura from our annual Scottish tour for the last 6 years. Won’t hurt the millionaire, but won’t bring our trade to the rest of the island either. A selfish world is’nt it?

    1. Could always come to visit Crackaig Textile Workshop where the Jura tartan was created!

    2. Yes well said. Quite unbelievable that a foreigner is allowed to come to Scotland and do this. Couldn’t the Government insist that the course be open to fee-paying golfers and people within 50 miles pay lesser fees. Why on earth does a man with that much money not wish to do something just a little bit more philanthropic.
      I have always thought the golf agencies would love to promote a Wild West Tour – Turnberry, Troon, Macrahanish, Machrie, Ardfin Jura and Askernish (South Uist). By boat of course.

  2. 4 of us have golfed together every September for 30 years +.

    We are all Scots, and all have single digit handicaps.

    Is the Jura course likely to be playable in 2018?

    Will any visitors be allowed?

    Do you have an e-mail contact for the owner?

  3. Recently golfed at Machrie and tried hard to gain access to Jura.
    No joy!
    On a more positive note, the professional at Machrie was meeting with the staff at Jura and he was going to explore ways of offering a combined golfing experience.
    I very much hope me succeeds since Machrie is now world class.
    I will watch developments with interest.