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New Jura Video – Corran Sands and Paps of Jura

When I was on Jura early May we spent quite some time at the Corran Sands. There are several ways to access this beautiful beach and I always like the stretch of beach near the airstrip the best. The views from this part of the beach to Craighouse, the Small Isles Bay and the Paps are breathtaking. You can access this part of the beach when you drive on the main road and head north from Craighouse until you reach the arched bridge. Just over the bridge you can turn right to Knockrome and after half a mile or so there is a wee track on your right that takes you to the airstrip and beach.

I’ve created this video using my Android phone to show you how peaceful it can be. The last part of the video is shot from the track of “Evan’s Walk” that leads to the Paps. The views from there include Lowlandman’s Bay and the Small Isles Bay. Enjoy!

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  1. thank you.
    Do you know anything about the history of evan’s walk?
    Did it have an original purpose or who was evan?