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Spirit of Jura – Fictions, essays, poems from the Jura Lodge

In 2007, Jura Distillery renovated the old manager’s house that sits tall and adjacent to the distillery, overlooking Small Isles Bay and the distillery courtyard. The furniture, fixtures and fittings are an eccentric and eclectic mix of stuff that just plain works, right down to the old black typewriter in the lounge/kitchen at the top of the stairs. And within these premises, Jura Distillery sought to create an environment that would enhance the creativity

of those prone to bouts of the stuff – predominantly of a literary fashion in keeping with the island’s George Orwell heritage, but also conducive to those steeped in the visual arts.

The distillery’s partner in this promising venture is the Scottish Book Trust who have established the Jura Malt Whisky Writers’ Retreat Programme, of which this book, ‘Spirit of Jura’ is the first manifestation to reach its expectant public. Consisting of several short stories and poems by such as Liz Lochhead, Kathleen Jamie and Romesh Gunesekera, this is an adventurous and praiseworthy volume that seeks to do exactly what it says on the tin. Sandwiched in the centre of this feast of poetry and prose, is a series of ‘oak gall’ landscape drawings by David Faithfull. According to the accompanying text, oak gall ink was revered by calligraphers and artists for centuries, illuminating the pages of the Book of Kells around 800AD.

‘Spirit of Jura’ is a wonderful little volume that can be dipped in and out of as the mood occurs. None of the essays or stories are so long that the reader need settle down in one of the capacious leather armchairs that inhabit the Lodge, while the contents will provide a taste of the island just warming enough to necessitate a visit. Delightful. brian palmer

Spirit of Jura can be purchased from C &E Roy on Islay or from the distillery shop on Jura

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  1. Would like some help! I came to Jura in the summer to scatter my Grandfathers ashes, also Duncan Shaw , as this was his wish. He told me this when I was 12, and I never forgot it. Since coming to Jura which was the first time any of my family had been there a whole new world has opened. My grandfathers uncle was Neil Shaw, whom he did speak about, but being the man he was, not in great detail. Since then I have found out about the song he wrote, ( Crossing to Jura ), and would love to hear it. I have just been to Eastern Europe recording some music and layed down some Burns poetry which I have written music to. Anyway I ramble on, will visit Jura again soon, it has profoundly touched me!

  2. My father, Ian MacCormick, was born on Jura in the year 1900 at Kinuachdrachd, I believe. While I have visited Corryvrechan by boat and seen the north end of Jura, I have not yet visited the Island.

    Does anyone live at Kinuachdrachd now and is it possible to reach there by road from Craighouse or does it make more sense to go by boat and to land on the northern coast if the Island?

    Are there any MacCormicks living on Juranow, at Craighouse or anywhere else, who would like to have me and or members of my family drop in for a visit?