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Camping on the Isle of Jura

isle-of-jura-campsiteThe Isle of Jura doesn’t have an official campsite, at least not in the way you and I expect one to be: A reserved space with numbered pitches, places to park a motorhome, a shower building, a reception etc etc. That, however, does not mean you can’t camp on Jura. First of all you can camp somewhere in the wild, as long as you don’t use someones garden, and there is the nice grassy spot opposite the Jura Hotel. I myself do not holiday in a tent so I have not had the pleasure of using Jura’s campsite and can therefore not share any of my experiences. Fortunately someone else did, David Ross to be precise, and he wrote a nice travel report about his camping trip on Jura. David wrote:

In these recession blighted times, what better holiday accommodation could you wish for than a hotel that lets you camp in its garden for a modest fee. This admirable establishment is the Jura Hotel in Craighouse. Allowing people to camp in the hotel garden for a wee charge might appear uncharacteristic behaviour for a famously “thrifty” race such as the Scots (I’m allowed to say this as I’m Scottish), but it actually makes sound commercial sense. All but the most parsimonious campers use the bar for eating and drinking. Considering that the only other place on the island in which to do so is the Antlers Bistro along the road, prices were reasonable.

In the pub, the night before I went home, my suggestion that a bridge might one day be built across the narrow channel between their island and Islay elicited a reaction of mild horror from Diurachs. They obviously relished being un-getatable. It’s just a pity no one told the midges, but then midges don’t need bridges.

Jura Hotel
Jura Hotel

For more info visit the Jura Hotel Website

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  1. We have a 6 meter campervan and wish to stay on the island over the Easter holiday . Do you have any suggestions where we would be able to do this

  2. I need camping with electric hook up to charge my e-bike. Is there anywhere on Jura?